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COVID-19 Pre-Screening, Self Assessment Tool for Employers & Workers

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  • We know know how frustrating data collecting and reporting can be for Employers. The Worker Self-Assessment Tool has been developed using trusted provincial guidelines to ensure Employers are tracing COVID-19 results from their workforce.
  • Our Canadian-based team has created a convenient, mobile-friendly approach to ensure that all your workers can quickly and easily complete COVID-19 self-assessment questions before they start their workday!
  • Each worker submits their Self Assessment results right from their mobile device (perfect for remote access workers and varying shift workers).
  • Our Team handles the setup for you so you don't have any "techie" stuff to worry about. Information is securely organized and archived for Employers with simple sorting and reporting for any Disease Centre that might require tracing information.
  • We provide secure Admin login to the Employer or person responsible in your organization for tracing of COVID-19 related issues within your organization.
  • Employers can sort Worker data by day/by month to easily create a summary report for any Worker(s) that might have indicated symptoms and might need additional COVID-19 testing at a local testing location.
  • We summarize the results daily and send the Employer the most important metrics by mid day (or any other frequency that works for your organization). Employers can then use this actionable information to decide your Worker followup protocol.
  • Employers are immediately notified of anyone that has indicated that they have symptoms and can respond accordingly.
  • Easily review your archived data in case your local health centre requires additional supporting information (eg who else was working with the Worker that day or that week).


  • Your data is our absolute priority! We understand how important your Worker data is to your organization so we've taken all sorts of additional measures to ensure your data is locked down.
  • The daily Self Assessment Worker data is stored on our Canadian servers and managed by our amazing Canadian-based technology team.

Have more questions? Ready to setup your team? Send us an email to support@connectgrid.ca to learn more and get your Employer Account setup today.


Professional Data Integration

File, Database and API Integration
Connect Multiple Data Sources
Coordinate and Blend Data
Filter Data Using Rules
Output Data to Any External Systems
Send and Receive Notification Alerts


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    Input from Various Data Sources

    We coordinate data from multiple sources such as: 
    - File, Database and API Integration
    - Connect Multiple Data Sources
    - Coordinate and Blend Data
    - Filter Data Using Rules
    - Output Data to Any External Systems
    - Send and Receive Notification Alerts

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    Simple Centralized Management

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    Output To Any System

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